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What's a involved in a Keihin Carb conversion ?

Paul, I run a 28mm Keihin on my 96' 370 Gas-Gas. The Keihin is a sophisticated carb with some very good design features. I found the conversion much to my liking with an ease of jetting (when set, it responds to a wide variety of conditions with just a needle adjustment) and a very smooth bottom end. Top-end was MUCH improved, also. Throttle response is excellent. I know that Jim Snell at Rising Sun Imports carries the Keihin carb kit as a bolt-on setup. Mine was an early conversion (the 28mm Keihins are stock on KX80's) from about 4 years ago and involved redrilling certain passages and sealing others. I think some kits available may be conversions still. I know the carbs you get from Jim are specifically designed for the Gas-Gas and require no modifications. I'm not sure what they cost, but I payed about $200 for mine four years ago, they may be cheaper now. I had to get a carb spacer to fit mine on but G-G's since '97 come stock with the spacers. I've been running mine for 4 years now and really like it. The Keihin and a set of Boyesen reeds are the only modifications I needed to make the bike perfect in the engine department. Jon

NOTE. JIM SNELL says that Rising Sun Imports sells the Gas Gas only Keihin carb that has controls on the correct side, as well as the correct slide, jets, air box-to-carb tube etc. They also carry the intake manifold which should be used, as the DelOrto manifold is too small and although the Keihin will fit into it, it will eventually split as it is under a great deal of expansion pressure. Different throttle cables to fit the Keihin are also available.

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