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I am having trouble with my front brakes not working properly on my 1995 Gas Gas JT 250. One of the pucks in the front brake is not moving. I installed new pucks and seals. I took apart the brake caliper and one puck moves freely. The other puck can not be pushed all the way in. It stops at about halfway in. I removed the puck and seal. I tried pushing just the puck in. It went about halfway in and stopped as before. I pushed in several places on the puck and finally it went in all the way reluctantly. When I put the seal back in with the puck it only goes halfway. Any suggestions as to hoew to install this properly and get my front brake working strong again?

Rodney, Sounds like the caliper bore is not straight. The bore needs to be totally free of any corrosion and pitting. On older bikes, water in the brake fluid can cause this. This is why it's a good idea to flush and replace the fluid on a regular basis. Find a machinist friend that has a dialbore indicator or a good set of snapgauges and knows how to measure the bore. If it is out of round they may have a hone to bring it up to proper spec but it would be a better idea to replace the caliper side. I'm not sure if only one side is available as they are probably sold as a set. Jim Snell, the official Gas-Gas guy, at Rising Sun Imports (219-474-6656) carries parts for the Gas-Gas brakes. Jon

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