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We are very fortunate to have just purchased a new Gas Gas TXT Boy 50! Wish we were kids again! We're looking for the oil to gas mixture. This manual says the "oil-fuel mixture should be 1,5%". Not real sure what that means. Our 321 uses 100:1, is it possible the 50 may take the same mixture?

That TXT Boy 50 is a sweet little bike. I agree, wish I was small enough to ride one, but at my size, I'd need one for each foot! The "1.5%" premix ratio should be 66:1 if I figure it right. 100:1 would equal a 1% mixture and 2% would equal a 50:1 ratio, with 75:1 right in the middle.

Due to design features, friction characteristics and just plain Physics, smaller engines usually require a slightly higher premix ratio to operate at the optimal level. I run a full synthetic oil in my 96' 370 at 80:1 and it works great. Due to the lesser loads on a Trials engine and the excellent design of the Gas-Gas , 100:1 (1%) is recommended but I run a richer mixture based on the fact that I'm just old-fashioned and it makes me feel better.


Professional tuner and 'Trials Competition' writer Jon Stoodley has very kindly stepped up to the plate to answer your questions. If you're having problems, or need some advice just send an email to Jon. If it's something that could be useful to others, we'll post it on the site.
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