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Good Morning Jon,

I have a 95 GasGas 250 trials bike that doesn't have enough braking power on the front to prevent the wheel from turning when I push the bike manually. I've replaced the brake pads, and though they need replacing again due to a fork seal leak, I'd like to get my brakes to lock up. Any suggestions?


Hi Kevin!

New pads can really help. I like to use the EBC FA-115 Kevlar pads. They may not be as quite as strong as the Galfer or Braking pads but are easy to modulate and ABSOLUTELY don't squeal. Front end wheelies are no problem with the EBC pads (no, not me, but my son is good at them!) Screeching brakes drive me nuts and ruin what little concentration I have left! ;) If the brakes are on and the wheels turn when just pushing the bike by hand there is a problem with the braking system. Once pads are soaked with brake fluid they are almost impossible to clean. A scotchbrite pad (I use the 3M medium-maroon color- abrasive pads I get from the industrial supply house) and brake cleaner can help clean the discs. Dot 5 fluid and making sure the system is free of air bubbles will also help a lot.


Professional tuner and 'Trials Competition' writer Jon Stoodley has very kindly stepped up to the plate to answer your questions. If you're having problems, or need some advice just send an email to Jon. If it's something that could be useful to others, we'll post it on the site.
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