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Hi Jon,

1998 TX250, She kicks up first time! she ticks over fine! when ridden for about five minutes she don't seem to want to tick over without altering the tick-over adjuster, then she seems to be lingering on the rev's but still ticking over when stood. My reeds look burned slightly on one side also a little warped, could this possibly be causing it? I have looked up the exhaust port and the piston looks fine,the plug seems a little dark but not overly! I have ordered new reeds which will arrive in three weeks. Everything else is I think as it should be (coolant e.t.c.) can you give any other advice???? Thank you for your time and for all the trouble shooting advice on the G-G site...pretty comprehensive!

Be lucky........................Paul.(England)


The symptoms you describe sure sound like bad reeds. Worn reeds will cause a hesitation (which mimics low-speed jetting being off) when the throttle is opened. Make sure when you install them that you don't overtighten the screws. Use a little blue (serviceable type) Locktite on the screws and some non-hardening sealer (like the Silicone types) on the case/reedcage/manifold junction.


Professional tuner and 'Trials Competition' writer Jon Stoodley has very kindly stepped up to the plate to answer your questions. If you're having problems, or need some advice just send an email to Jon. If it's something that could be useful to others, we'll post it on the site.
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