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Hi Jon,

I wondered if you could help on the following query a friend has "Just
finished replacing the kick-start locking gear,but to gain access, I had to take the clutch out. Anyone know the correct torque setting for the clutch hub nut? I suppose its the same for pretty much most trials machines. I cannot find any details on torque settings for Gassers,(or any other modern trials bike)" Thanks. Kris


Most clutch hubs on just about all the off road two-stroke engines have the retaining nut tightened to a reading of between 40 to 58 foot pounds. A lot of mechanics use a 3/8th drive air wrench and spin it on tight, however, I like to be more specific in my tightening of fasteners. I only use an air wrench to remove fasteners, NEVER to tighten them as the torque readings will be unknown and would vary according to available air pressure and air tool design/condition. I do, by the way, know some top-flight mechanics who tighten clutch hubs with an air wrench (and can get the setting right), but I must warn you that these people have a "feel" for torque settings that comes from years of experience so I wouldn't advise the average mechanic to use an air tool. The best way would to throughly clean/degrease the shaft and nut and use a little blue (serviceable type) Locktite on the threads and carefully tighten the nut to about 40 to 45 foot pounds. This should work for about any Trials bike.


Professional tuner and 'Trials Competition' writer Jon Stoodley has very kindly stepped up to the plate to answer your questions. If you're having problems, or need some advice just send an email to Jon. If it's something that could be useful to others, we'll post it on the site.
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