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I have recently fitted a Keihin carb and Boyesen reeds to my 2000 280 gas gas. What a difference it makes on all sections!! Especially hill climbs. It ran happily for an hour or so then the carb started to drip fuel from

the over flow next to the exhaust and started trickling from the pipe attached to the base of the carb. The bike then started to die out. Once it died out I tried kicking it up but it sounded like it wasn't firing. I decided to give it a minute or two. I tried kicking it up again and it fired up back in to life, and away it went again for the rest of the day. It is the first time this has happened in the bikes entire life. Any ideas what could have caused this? Is it something to do with the new Carb??

Thanks, Kris


The fuel floats are sticking or the float needle has some foreign material keeping it from shutting off. Take the carb off and check that the floats are free and not hanging up on the sides of the float bowl. This sometimes happens if the float hangers get bent slightly. Clean the needle assembly and add a small fuel filter to the intake line. It doesn't take much to hold the needle off it's seat, and you would be surprized at how much gunk accumulates on the bottom an old gas can and is sometimes poured into the bike's fuel tank. The Keihin has three hoses coming off it. The two on the upper sides are vent hoses that equalize the pressure in the float bowl to the ambient pressure outside the carb. The lower one in the center of the floatbowl is the overflow outlet. When you take off the bowl you'll notice a tube that sticks up that the lower hose is attached to. If the fuel level gets too high, it will go down and out this tube rather than flood into the engine crankcase. I've got a Keihin on my JTR370 and really like the response and smooth power it gives. The Keihin is also not as picky about jetting when the weather changes. My son just won a two-day State Trial on my 370 in cold wet weather that still has the same jetting from the warm Summer months.


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