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Jon, Can I use octane booster with pump gas instead of the race gas mix for my 2000 TXT 321.

Thanks, Bruce.


One of the problems with over-the-counter octane boosters is that you are not really sure how the chemical(s) is/are going to affect the real-world octane ratings. A very effective octane booster, MMT (methyl cyclopentandienyl manganese tricarbonyl), is the base product in both 104+ and 104+Super octane boosters. A can of this will treat about 22 gallons (83 litres), raising the Research octane of low-octane unleaded (91-93 RON) by about 3-4 and 4-6 respectively for 104+ and 104+Super. With premium leaded and premium unleaded (95-98 RON), however, this boost effect decreases to 0.5-1 and 1-2 respectively with 104+ and 104+Super. The reduction in booster/pump fuel ratio may not cause the octane rating to progress in a linear manner.

I'm also not sure just how the chemicals in octane boosters affect certain materials in Trials engines like phenolic resin reeds, carb o-rings/floats etc. so I don't recommend the use of over-the-counter octane boosters. I'd opt for a combination of about 30% unleaded race gas to premium pump fuel, just to be sure.


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